Full Experience Pack NimbinVap 5.0+Smart Case+Active Charcoal+Hempwick

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Thank you for choose NimbinVap products for Vape and Smoke your dry plants.
-1 NimbinVap 4.3*
-1 NimbinBowl attachment 5.0.
-1 NimbinPipe attachment 5.0.
-1 Pocket Bag for NimbinVap
-1 Hose 
-1 Smart case NimbinVap
-20 Stainless Steel Screens Ultra Fine Mesh
-3 Orings
-3 AC Filters
-1 Ball of HQ hempwick NimbinVap 25 m w/bag dispenser.

-50 g HQ Activated Charcoal coconut shell

*Note: We are shipping the version NimbinVap 4.3 Metal Limited Edition, NimbinBowl & NimbinPipe. Thanks