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January 04, 2016


Hi guys this is the full story of an indie project called NimbinVap
As 420 users we love this plant but we detect that the paraphernalia required is expensive in many cases and the quantity of options it's large with the distributors. Here is an example:
The easy and cheap way to consume 420herbals is the papers or making a quick device using a vegetable or a fruit to emulate a pipe or a bong or something. Unfortunately this methods is not really healthy since it's hard to use a filtration system to remove tars and residues of combustion.
Then we find that many devices made with glass and of course it´s very easy to broke and someone are really expensive. So at the end an average customer medium class it´s really hard to enjoy all the existing paraphernalia since the budget for 420 gadgets is short. So it's hard to make a decision every year between a beautiful bong or the new pipe. Because the flavored blunts and papers  are always welcome in the repertoire of any 420 consumer. 
Based on all this issues as engineers we decide to provide a product capable to reproduce the experience of all the existing paraphernalia for consumption of herbals  420. And it must be portable, cheap, healthy and sustainable for the world and customers in all senses including just standard spare parts easy to find in all the world for all people who like this idea. The challenge was very big since the existing paraphernalia includes: portable acrylic bongs, glass bongs, metal hitters, metal pipes, wood pipes, blunts, papers, filters, chillums, bowls, water pipes, vaporizers, hookahs, etc. Then we find several variants like the use of precolators in bongs, bowls for bongs with active charcoal filtration, pipes with cooling system, etc. 
Since the size of the project it's big and the funds and sources are limited we decide to divide the project in phases in order get the funds required for the project and reach the scope for satisfaction of people without spend tons of money in paraphernalia.
Phase 1
Name of the project: NimbinVap 1.0
Scopes: One single product to replace all kind of pipes, hitters and chillums in the world with an advanced system filtration and it must consider the traditional filtration system standard in the business model and capable to carry enough material to not reload the chambers continuously. It must be portable, cheap and with standard spare parts. 
Results: one single small case with five devices. The product was capable to use all the existing standard sizes of cotton filters and diameters for filters of active charcoal and with the capacity to use active charcoal in bulk to save money and smoke healthy. The pack includes a shot for quick changes of chambers.
Average retail cost: 100 USD per pack.
Phase 2
Name of the project: NimbinVap 2.0
Scopes: Reduce the weight, cost and quantity of devices without sacrificing functionality in the product.
Results: Reduction from 5 devices to 3 devices and people has the alternative to choose each one depending their preferences and the weight of the pack was reduced 40%. 
Average  retail cost: 80 USD the full pack and 50 USD the singles in blister.
Phase 3
Name of the project: NimbinVap 3.0
Scopes: Reduce the quantity of devices, reduce retail cost, remains the current functions and finally include the rest of basic functions of portable bong with clutch, portable hookah, blunt holder, joint holder with filtration system, and include the vaporization without using rechargeable batteries to contribute to avoid child exploitation in the world and be consistent with our vision of provide a product sustentable and friendly with our world. 
Results: The first 420 device in the world with 7 functions in one single device and some variants were included in this version like gravity bong for smoking and for vaporizing. 
Average  retail cost: 60 USD
Phase 4
Name of the project: NimbinVap 4.0
Scopes: Include the glass water pipes, reduce the external heating during the vaporization function, remains the current functions, eliminate the packing  blister of PVC for recyclable material friendly with the environment and less contaminant.
Results: 8 functions in one single device, external wooden handcrafted finished and recyclable carton packing. Additionally the arrangement of the diffuser used for the vaporization mode was improved in the internal arrangement of the device.
Average retail cost: 60 USD
Phase 4.1
Name of the project: NimbinVap 4.1
Scopes: Eliminate external heating in the nozzle, increase the production rate,  improve the quality packing materials without increase the retail price of the product.
Results: The external heating of the nozzle was eliminated, the packing was improved and remains the retail price. 
Average retail cost: 60 USD
Phase 4.2
Name of the project: NimbinVap 4.2
Scopes:  Eliminate external heating in the body during the vaporization, 100% retrocompatibility with old versions, improve the user manual and the website of the product with a friendly understanding of the concept for all people and reduce the production cost in order to make it attractive for dealers and distributors.
Results: Elimination of external heating in the body during vaporization, 10% reduction in manufacturing cost, the website and the user manual were improved significantly.
Average retail cost: 50 USD
Phase 4.3
Name of the project: NimbinVap 4.3
Scopes: Provide a 100% natural heating source to improve the experience of people in the configurations dedicated for vaporization, provide a portable case for the medicine, spare parts, cotton filters and activated charcoal filters and include more configurations using glass for improve the experience indoor providing in the official website recycling process and techniques for use glass containers. 
Improve the holding of the hose in the nozzle of the device without external heating. 
Improve the smoking experience providing an attachment for small quantities of HQ plants for make pleasant each sesión having zero waste of medicine and using the filtration properties of the product to smoke healthy.
Results: The pack includes hemp wick 100% natural bee waxed USP grade, small case with 10 independent compartments for spare parts and medicine. The holding of the hose in the nozzle was improved dramatically. The device performs 20 configurations for activities outdoor and grat configurations indoor. Finally the kit for designers of configurations is available for OSX and Windows for free in both operating systems. Release of the first attachment called "the one hit bowl" to improve dramatically the experience of smoking and and the quick changes to move from a vape configuration for an smoking configuration and vice versa with an smoking attachment and ultra easy for cleaning after each session.  
Average retail cost: 60-80 USD
Phase 5.0
Name of the project: NimbinVap 5.0
Scopes: Metal Body and Metal chamber with the right wall measure to avoid excessive external heating, diameter significant reduction in the nozzle to improve the adjustments in glass bongs of 18.8 mm.
The use of the body with the Nimbinpipe and the NimbinBowl in order have the most advanced pipe and the most advanced and beautiful bowl in the 420world to enjoy amazing moments.
Yes we going to increase the bowl of the NimbinPipe.
Results: At this moment a lot of work in designs, CNC programs reconfigurations, but we have being using some amazing prototypes that says that a beauty, new and memorable version is coming. 
Average retail cost: 60-80 USD  ;-) Coming Soon
25Jul2017 Finally we are launching the first 100 NimbinVap, NimbinPipe and NimbinBowl here are some renders of the version 5.0 and those first units will be as surprise for customers in some packs 4.3. Good Luck guys.
Thanks for all kind people who trust in this project contributing in many senses like making reviews, videos, experiments, providing feedback, recommending the product with your local smoke shops and vape shops and thanks for all people who help us to spread the concept sharing the idea in facebook, G+, twitter, etc. And of course thanks for you who help us funding the project with every order placed. For us it's an honor to give you the best possible service and the most versatile and cheap product to contribute with you to save money and enjoying in a healthy way all the existing experiences just using one single device.
Every single dollar obtained has been used exclusive to improve the product and provide more and more skills to live amazing moments without spending tons of money in the consumption of your favorite plant. 
Here some recommendations based in our personal experience:
-For home the tools are glass bongs, desktop vaporizers, hookahs, water pipes, odor elimination devices, gravity bongs.
-For urban outdoor activities best tools are chillums, portable vaporizers and hitters.
-For activities in the nature like camping where no matter the odor of the plant the best is plastic bongs,  smoking pipes,  blunts, papers and vaporizers activated with fire. 
(Vaporizers with batteries definitely are not a good option for camping activities and they are contributing with the problem of child labor in many countries) 
The most interesting thing of all the existing consumption ways is that each experience is different and the effect really changes slightly. 
Anyway the point is that people can find all the tools required for every place and moment but definitely it will be very expensive to buy all the toys.
In a recent study we find that people could spend in 5 years around 1600 USD in different paraphernalia for vape or smoke. 
So that the list of configurations of NimbinVap is projected to grow every year since users can design new configurations as substitute of an existing device in the market just recycling glass or plastic bottles and without wasting food like fruits and vegetables. 
In order to live to live all the experiences completely we recommend you to try one configuration per week or month in the same way like if you were buying a new toy for your medicine in your favorite smoke shop or vape shop every new configuration. At the end of the tour you will feel how your NimbinVap was paid for itself. 
Thank you and good vibes ;-)
NimbinVap Company

NimbinVap Company
NimbinVap Company


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NimbinVap Company SA de CV
NimbinVap Company SA de CV

July 25, 2017

Claro que hay garantía de 3 años en NimbinVap

Michelle Tapia
Michelle Tapia

June 19, 2017

tiene algún tipo de garantía?


August 06, 2016

Claro que se pueden combinar con otras hierbas por ejemplo con salvia estimado Agustin. Así mismo te comento que los planes para el NV 5.0 son para mediados de 2017 o principios de 2018.

Agustin Valdes
Agustin Valdes

July 27, 2016

Cuando saldra la version 5.0 y que propuestas presenta

Agustin Valdes
Agustin Valdes

July 27, 2016

Se puede combinar con otras yerbas.
Y cuales

NimbinVap Admin
NimbinVap Admin

March 26, 2016

Claro que si Hector. Mandanos un correo a

Héctor Villarreal Muñoz
Héctor Villarreal Muñoz

February 25, 2016

Tiene garantía el nimbinvap 4.3. El que compré hace unos meses se rompió del cuerpo.

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